Portland, Oregon

Portland's Night Life

Portland has an active night life, with theater, good food and incredible sights to see and fascinating places to visit.

How Do We Know When Xmas Season Starts?

You can always tell when the Xmas season has officially started in Portland by Rudolph's nose glowing red!

Across the River...

Portland's brdiges and city are a sight to be seen during the night time. Charming, warm and inviting to our out of town guests.

Scenic Portland, Oregon

Known as The City of Roses, our community offers breath taking scenery in or out of the city. Nature and community at it's best!

Who We Are..."A Team!"

A father and now son tradition for over 23 years! Our continued success with over a thousand satisfied customers is due to our commitment of providing honest, reliable and knowledgeable service to all of our clients, year after year!
Kim Miller, Owner The Printer Experts Since 1989!

What sets us a part

Reliability, Dependability and Availability!

Over the years we have heard many times from new clients about how poorly they were treated by other service companies. Our commitment has always been to treat every client, big or small with a sense of urgency, making sure their service needs are met in a timely and responsible fashion.

Old Fashion Managed Print Services

There's a lot to be said for the personal touch and we firmly believe people sitting in a data center monitoring your printers for failures may be preemptive, but there is no substitute for good old fashion quarterly, semi-annual and annual maintenance routines, why wait for failures to occur!!?!!.

It's Not the Size That Matters!

We are a father and son service company, our name and reputation means everything in our market place. Unlike some of our larger competitors our size ensures our clients of a more personal business to business service experience! Every client is important to us and we treat them as such.

Recycle, Refurbish and Reuse!
We are Earth Friendly.

It goes without saying, we've gotten pretty wasteful as a society, our landfills and garbage dumps are filled with discarded technology. That's why years ago we made the decision to offer our clients cost affordable alternatives to purchasing new products, such as refurbished printers and toner cartridges. All guaranteed!

We Want to Help! (1-800-927-5487)

You're Not Sure What To Do And You've Tried Everything You Can Think Of...

If you have a printer that was recently installed and it will not work despite your best efforts to make sure that everything is connected right, then you might be experiencing printing problems that can only be solved by accessing your computer internally. Sometimes printing problems are more than just running out of paper. You could get errors messages about spooler problems or it might just print slower than usual. If you require something more than just putting more paper in your printer to fix the problem, call Laser Services, Inc, for help!.

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I Need Another Printer, but I Am Not Sure If I should Buy A New One...

Depending on your needs and requirements, one of our refurbished printers just might be the way to go. All of our refurbished printers are professionally repaired, cleaned, guaranteed and they save you money! You don't have to worry when you buy a refurbished printer from LSI. Call us today for a quote and comparison between a refurb and a new printer..

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I Am Thinking About Looking Into Recycled Toner Cartridges But I Have Some Concerns...

Actually your concerns are warranted, not everyone offering recycled toner cartridges offers reliable products. We hear about horror stories all the time, where a client trying to reduce their costs purchased recycled toner cartridges from off the Internet, only to have their printers gummed up from using these poor quality recycled components. However, we're you're next door neighbors, locally owned and operated, we stand by everything we service and sell. You can be assured of the quality of the accessories and products you buy from LSI!.

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