Laser Printer, Plotter Repair and Maintenance

Laser Printer and Plotter Repair Services

If your printers are down and you need help, you can't afford to work with a printer service company that is non-responsive to your needs. You need your equipment fixed right the first time and you need to work with service people that listen to your problems, that care and are concerned about your business. That's why you've come to LSI, you know you can depend on us to take care of your printers in a timely, courteous and professional manner. We treat you like our neighbor because we are your neighbors, we are locally owned and operated, a father and son business for over twenty three years and counting!

A Word About Our Competitor's "Managed Print Services"

For most of our customers the additional costs and trouble of having someone monitor their printing environment around the clock is not always practical or for that matter even necessary. We've found over the years that if our clients subscribe to one of our Preventative Maintenance Support Contracts their printer downtime is significantly reduced if not altogether eliminated. If a printer is properly cared for and maintained over the course of it's life cycle a user should experience very few hardware problems. Properly cared for includes the occasional cleaning and replacement of normal worn components such as toner cartridges,  fuser, feed and pickup rollers. All of this is monitored by our staff with a Preventative Maintenance Support Contract. In most cases this completely eliminates the need for hiring a Managed Print Services company to monitor their printers, which also means no extra software to install on your servers!

Preventative Maintenance Support Contracts (LSI Managed Print Services)

We believe that a properly managed printer environment absolutely requires someone to occasionally physically "look inside" a printer to get a feel for the condition of the printer during it's lifecycle. A monitoring program can't really do this, it may detect when a problem is beginning to happen, but by that time the printer is already in need of maintenance and frankly that could have been avoided by a properly conducted and scheduled Preventative Maintenance routine! That's why LSI offers "old style" Managed Print Services that includes an actual tech performing tired and true physical maintenance of your printers on a predefined schedule basis. We're experienced printer service and repair professionals and can detect when it's time to replace components that are approaching the end of their lifecycle before your printer starts experiencing problems.